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People born in october are fun loving and energetic, and care very much (sometimes too much) what other people think about them. They love having friends and are outgoing in certain scenarios, but not in others. They may have trouble finding who they realy are but once they click, their personality explodes. October is the best month to be born in :
look at cassidy, she is so cool. she must be born in october.
by twennnyheartheart April 04, 2009
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October, the 10th, and obviously the best month of the year, and is so for several reasons.

2. Birthstone is Opal
3. Zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio
4. Most likely conceived between Christmas and Valentines Day (giggity).
Since it was October, Heidi spent all day filling up pints for everyone celebrating the glorious month of October
by brimstonephoenix March 23, 2009
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the birthstone for this month is Opal, but there is also a cheaper Rose Zicron.

and it's also the best month ever if your birthday is in it
My birth month is in October.
by adjecvkasdjfkl;! August 14, 2008
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the awesomestt month of the year<3
only extrememly cool people can be born in october and they are sick as hell babee
libra is the main astrological signn and libras are by far the sexiest thangs u eva did seee:)
October is the month of the beastly ones.
by sexiibiotchhXO March 21, 2009
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Tenth month of the year, and also the month of the Libra. Opal is the beautiful birthstone for October. Very exciting month. Fall takes effect, columbus sailed the ocean blue, and you can give a treat or get your azz tricked all in this month.
The tenth month of the year is October.
by Da one and ONLY Danyel December 14, 2008
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Someone With A Mind Blowing name, just like the wind. Usually Hot, and long brunette hair..some would say with a dark side, usually loves music and enjoys a great night out.
"You Blow Me October"
by magnolia2827 January 18, 2010
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