Absolutely radiant. Extremely beautiful, intelligent, interesting girl. Once you find one, don't let go, because she is well worth everything
Wow, was that a falling star?

Nope, that was Cami.
by jr-13 March 29, 2015
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That of a rare kind. A blessing; never a curse. However, be ware of toying with its emotions. However gentle and kind, this fragile being can be toiled with and ruined forever. Be there for her and always let her know you care. Someone fun and outgoing and always good for a laugh. Kinky and seductive at times, don't let her fool you - she's too good for that just yet =)
by Cami March 22, 2005
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Cami is a very intelligent,tustworthy person willing ot give you the best advice whenver you need it. Tends to be self-consious, but loves herself all the same. Cami will love her frieds for hwo they are...no need to pretend to be something you are not around her! A Cami always has time for her girls, and will give her life for them. PIcky about her guys, but once she finds one she loves...she will keep wating till he gives her a chance!!
Isnt Cami the best friend ever?!
by Adele\ June 16, 2011
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Cami is the best friend you will ever find. She thinks that everyone hates her and has low self esteem, but in reality, everyone loves her. she is so sweet and funny, and also brutally honest. Right now, if i wasn't friends with Cami, i would be so sad, not knowing this amazing person. I love you SO MUCH, Cami. You are perfect just the way you are.

( yea, i just used a cliche, what you gonna do about it?)
Cami: '' dang it, everyone hates me.''
EVERYONE: "look, it's Cami, she's so awesome."
by happiestgirlever!!! :) May 20, 2022
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Cami is a great friend. You are lucky to have one with you. She may not seem the smartest at times, but Cami is the funniest and sweetest girl ever.
Cami is my best friend
by Zorro is doggo,Yeah CAM June 9, 2019
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A sweet girl, maybe seen as a good innocent girl by some. Probably rocking a slim body. Is wanted by the smart. A goddess of personality. She is always great and if she isn’t too innocent, can get real fun and a bit dirty. She is a superstar in her own way. A real babe if you ask me.
I’m gonna marry her.”

No chance that’s Cami”
by Zakattak40 February 4, 2019
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Usually a kind and beautiful woman. All men love her and would do anything to be with her. She is very picky of her men and is committed so she will never cheat on anyone. Many say she is the perfect woman.
"Who is that amazing woman that just walked by?"
"Well my friend that is Cami"
by suchandsuch February 21, 2009
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