A 102 floor art-deco skyscraper in NYC. It stood as the world's tallest building for 41 years before being surpassed by the World Trade Center.
The Empire State Building is now once again the tallest structure in NYC and the second tallest in America.
The actual construction of the building started on St. Patrick's day, March 17. Because it opened during the Great Depression, much of its office space went unused and the building became known as the "Empty State Building".
The ESB holds many records, one less obvious one being the world's longest survived elevator fall, at 75 floors.
Floodlights that light the top of the building change seasonly and for different events.
The Empire State Building is pretty neat, if I should say so myself.
by I'mAnonymous March 24, 2008
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Like the Effiel Tower, a girl is giving head to a guy and also recieving anal sex, but she is also giving two guys handjobs and all of this is going on at the same time; the four guys all connect their hands over the girl, making a point just like the Empire State Building.
Eoj-"Hey man! This girl that my buddy and I met at this party...we Effiel Towered her. Yeah!"
Nerrad-"Well, my three friends and I did a Empire State Building with this random girl from a party. Yeah! I think I win."
Eoj-"Wow, that's amazing!"
Nerrad-"Yeah......I know."
by Darren Hatch April 15, 2008
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Euphamism for sex where various parts/occupations of the building refer to sexual acts:

1. Visiting the lobby: playing 'just the tip'
2. Going to the top of the building: having sex
3. Taking the elevator up: having a quicky
4. Taking the stairs up: pasionate sex
5. Window washing: oral sex
6. Security: the pill
7. : a condom
8. Souvenir: a baby
9. Drive-by: watching porn/strip-show
"Man, I went to the empire state building last month. I only wanted to go in the lobby, but I ended up taking the elevator to the top. Turns out I got a souvenir because she didnt hire security."
by gino_j14 June 14, 2008
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when you are in eighth grade and a male, and giving a class presentation in front of everyone, and suddenly you spy the garter of your 80 year old teacher mrs. Doubtfire, and you get a bone bone, also know as a penis so erect it could be called the empire state building
wow....today in 5th period, i saw that billy had an empire state building in his pants. hope it doesn't poke an eye out.
by yolandizzle April 9, 2007
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