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Euphamism for sex where various parts/occupations of the building refer to sexual acts:

1. Visiting the lobby: playing 'just the tip'
2. Going to the top of the building: having sex
3. Taking the elevator up: having a quicky
4. Taking the stairs up: pasionate sex
5. Window washing: oral sex
6. Security: the pill
7. : a condom
8. Souvenir: a baby
9. Drive-by: watching porn/strip-show
"Man, I went to the empire state building last month. I only wanted to go in the lobby, but I ended up taking the elevator to the top. Turns out I got a souvenir because she didnt hire security."
by gino_j14 June 14, 2008
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A middleground of saying someone 'has balls' and 'has the gall' to do something.
Noun: galls; used when one is reputed for doing risky things
Adjective: gallsy; used when one is doing something risky
"Man, he has galls to have done all that"

"She's gallsy to be doing that"
by gino_j14 April 15, 2008
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The sexual act of double-fisting (analy or vaginaly), where insertion/pumping of either both, or individual hands, goes to the beat of "Sandstorm" by DaRude. Further note; 'spirit-fingers' should be used at some point.
Man, I met a freaky chick at the bar last night. She totally wanted me to do the kayla, but I didnt want to get my hands dirty, so she blew me instead.
by gino_j14 June 14, 2008
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