The legendary computer animation class taught by Mr. E at Villa Park High School. Where no subject is taught per se, but much learining occurs. The tales are endless and could not be told in a lifetime.
The day was going bad but then I relaized 5th period was coming up.
by Matt February 26, 2004
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1.The Pinnical of awsomeness
2.Usually occors in May
1.5th Period ruled today, we got to play football

2.Shes on her 5th period
by HomieManDude November 7, 2008
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When your one friend stinks so bad during 5th period.
Friend 1: Yoooo yesterday was wild bro.
Friend 2: Did someone 5th period toilet time?
Friend 1: Yeah it stunk.
by UrbanJimit May 16, 2020
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It is National Take a Nap During 5th Period Day. Show your teacher on January 10th in order to participate!
“Hey did you hear it’s National Take a Nap During 5th Period day?”

No way, that’s so cool!”
by Jezek January 10, 2022
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they are lesbians.
Wow, look at those 5th period chorus girls, bet they are lesbians.
by You know me already ;) September 14, 2022
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