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a girl who would pee in a urinal
emma chamberlain: should i tell them i peed in a urinal today?
Ethan d: a girl who would pee in a urinal, like that's the definition of Emma
by Ariel Chang March 15, 2019
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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the epitome of a girl who would pee in a urnal

-ethan dolan
emma chamberlain’s the epitome of a girl who would pee in a urnal. that’s like the definition of emma.
by idfc23 February 06, 2019
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A teen that made a niche. She got all the other teens to start thrifting and start applying too much chapstick. She also got teens to drink too much caffeine and cry to Rex Orange County at midnight. Now every teen girl has a kanken backpack and overpriced Doc Martin boots and we are now "edgy". We also wear scrunchies as bracelets and we are cool if we have Wildflower Phone cases. Brandy Melville clothes are also a must.
"I just spent too much money on uncomfortable Doc Martin boots that I will never wear."
It's fine Emma Chamberlain has them
by bridge_tte January 03, 2019
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The coolest cat I have ever seen she likes lattes and being a savage lil moop for life and Anna spencer loves her
Person 1: hey have you seen my chapstick?
Person 2: Emma chamberlain probs took it because she is a fracking savage
by Spinmyfidget January 04, 2018
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An overall great person with a huge personality. She is often found making car vlogs, applying carmex, drinking iced almond milk lattes, or thrifting clothes. Emma is an upcoming YouTube sensation with almost a million subscribers in less than a year. Some people belive she is annoying but those people can go suck a toe. Her favorite artist is Lil Moop and is constantly giving back to the community by giving assholes the right away. Love you, Emma!
Jane: Oh my god! Emma Chamberlains new video was so funny that I almost died in my bed

Mary: Me too, she can make me laugh anytime.
by lilmoopfan April 02, 2018
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