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An overall great person with a huge personality. She is often found making car vlogs, applying carmex, drinking iced almond milk lattes, or thrifting clothes. Emma is an upcoming YouTube sensation with almost a million subscribers in less than a year. Some people belive she is annoying but those people can go suck a toe. Her favorite artist is Lil Moop and is constantly giving back to the community by giving assholes the right away. Love you, Emma!
Jane: Oh my god! Emma Chamberlains new video was so funny that I almost died in my bed

Mary: Me too, she can make me laugh anytime.
by lilmoopfan April 02, 2018

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Lil moop is the best soundcloud rapper of all time no question. Her song "Mami Moop" is one of the best of all time and she never takes off her gucci shirt or sick glasses
Jimmy: Have you seen lil moop's new song?

Kim: Yeah it's straight fire lmao
by lilmoopfan April 02, 2018

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