When one visits several different thrift shops, second-hand shops, and vintage clothing stores in the hopes of buying several items of cheap and unusual clothing and other items. One usually does this with friends.
"Hey, where did you get that weird top?"
"Oh, I found it while thrifting, it was only a dollar."

by Pennyroyalest February 18, 2006
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When a group of three or more people(male or female) gather and one person shits into another person's mouth. And then they pass it on into the next group member's mouth. The shit goes around the group mouth to mouth until it is completely dissolved.
guy #1- Hey is that chocolate on the side of your mouth?
guy #2- No, I just went thrifting
guy #1- What is that?
guy #2- (explains)
guy #1- Oh my god you disgusting freak! What kind of sick fuck would be into something like that?!?!
by Pako Bender March 1, 2011
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A sexual game involving many people where one is blindfolded while there partner ejacuates in anothers anus. The blindfolded person licks everyones asses until they can locate their partners cum.
John knew it was true love when mary located his cum during a thrifting game.
by L1z June 3, 2007
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A used clothing/stuff store. One of a kind stuff super cheap.
Im going to the thrift to get a clutch.
by SB;-) March 20, 2006
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a cooler way to say charity shop,u can get cool,most of the time,brand new stuff for cheap and there are some cool finds
imm a go to the thrift store see if i can get any back to school stuff or maybe a new cute thermoflask
by chocolatecakexx August 25, 2020
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Shopping in thrift stores for trendy, vintage clothing and/or other items.
Let's go thrifting on friday, I get paid" "Okay, I'll ask my parents for more money
by k@thyl& April 6, 2011
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The Thrift is the ongoing search for amazing, kitschy, cool, outrageous, and inexplicable things at Thrift Stores (Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.), yard sales, Government Auctions, Penny Saver newspapers, etc.

The Thrift is a never-ending journey, like life, where one special item may fill a particular need, but never completely Satisfies.

Basically, The Thrift is thrifting in a more universal way.
When I hit my thirties, I thought I was done searching through bales of clothing and pawnshops, always looking for the ultimate score, but THE THRIFT is a seductive mistress, and her siren-call could not be ignored.

I'll gladly keep my fifty cent copy of "Maggot Brain" over some re-mastered quadraphonic enhanced CD... the scratches add authenticity to the music and remind me of The Thrift and all her sweet mysteries.

That guy in the line ahead of me got that Eames chair just before me, the agony of The Thrift!
by Unlearny February 28, 2009
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