emma chamberlain is a youtuber that is addicted to coffee and it really relatable. some people don’t agree with that just because she once blurred out pictures from her clothing line, and because she’s rumored to be dating ethan dolan. people like those are considered emma chamberlain haters, and have nothing to do in life other than hating. the fact that these people take her time out of their free time just to hate concerns be to be honest. just leave her the fuck alone. thank you.
the hate you’re getting is unbelievable. your situation is very similar to emma chamberlain.
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by i watch youtube January 12, 2019
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the DEFINITION of perfect... absolutely amazing. makes everyone feel loved and is herself above all. she makes so many people so happy and deserves absolutely no hate whatsoever. she is the most unproblematic person on youtube and she deserves the world. i’m so grateful to even live in the same time period as emma chamberlain. i cant wait to hug her some day.
do you know emma chamberlain?
bruh of course i do she’s amaizng
by sadboienergy April 19, 2019
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emma rich emma sexy emma perfect emma good hygiene emma successful emma unproblematic
stan emma chamberlain
by stanemmachamberlain October 09, 2019
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Emma Chamberlain is a very funny and relatable teen who is quirky. When she was about 15 years old, she is now 17 years old, she had depression and used youtube to help cope with it. She started off with DIYs and beauty vlogs. She then did challenges, vlogs with friends, and fun things. She collabed with James Charles and The Dolan Twins. She is rumored (obviously) to be dating Ethan Dolan because of their cute moments and how well they click together.
"OMG! Is that Emma Chamberlain?!"
"OMG! It is! Let's go meet her!
by Ethmastan134 December 09, 2018
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Emma Chamberlain is one of the greatest youtubers out there. She can't live without coffee or chapstick. Emma is super sweet and super funny.
Emma Chamberlain is super sweet and funny and a great Youtuber.
by HeeehHi_26 December 05, 2018
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the best person on this earth. she is funny, gorgeous, and a lot to handle. she definitely deserves the world. at she is awkward but she is being her self and that why we love her.
person: i really don’t like emma chamberlain
me: suck my toe she is the best person in the world and a role model to so many people what is not to love about her
person: i am not sure

me: exactly
by grethanslane January 06, 2019
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A queen that showers (so u b**ches better stop saying that she doesn’t) Period. A coffee lover that is amazing ☺️ An amazing YouTuber💋 who makes good coffee chamberlaincoffee.com :) An overall amazing person that I want to meet🤪 And she loves Philz Coffee
Emma Chamberlain is amazing and no one will tell me otherwise
by hclemmons1106 April 07, 2020
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