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A free spirit. Uncultivated by the mainstream. Independent thinker. Bravely growing wild and free in a world plagued by conformity.
"Do you suppose she is a Wildflower?", said the Daisy (From Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll).

"We don't let Wildflowers grow here, Independent minds and wild hearts are not encouraged''.
by brisbane wildflower January 10, 2014
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Someone who travels to many different places and can flourish anywhere. Usually a person without a permanent home who goes from place to place.
Traci is such a free spirit, a wildflower that travels the world.
by WizeCheez August 28, 2009
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One of Tom Petty's best album to date. "Wildflowers" was released in late 1994, and became an instant hit album. The album contained the songs "You Don't Know How It Feels", "Honey Bee", "You Wreck Me", "It's Good to be King", "Wildflowers", "House in the Woods", and many other great songs.
Some Tom Petty fans feel "Wildflowers" was Tom Pety's last great album.
by Qbert October 22, 2004
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