A teen you tuber who has millions of followers, loves coffee and is a TOTAL fashion icon. Has a ton of clothes and hangs with fellow youtubers The Dolan Twins and makeup artist James Charles. She is all of he teen gurls rage today and a TON of people stan her. SHE IS A TOTALL KWEEN.
Ellie: Wow did you see Emma Chamberlains new vid

Hannah: No, guessing it’s good

Ellie: Ya duh, it’s Emma Chamberlain!
by QUINNIE DANZ October 21, 2018
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a bomb ass girl who drinks her bomb ass coffee in her bomb ass car with her bomb ass friends for her bomb ass youtube channel
emma chamberlains a SAVAGE
by dogiekspa July 17, 2018
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a hillarious, kind and sweet youtuber who accumulated over 3 million subscribers in a matter of only MONTHS. one of the fastest gaining youtubers around.
Person 1: do you watch emma chamberlain?
Person 2: The one who priced 25 dollars for 3 freaking scrunchies?
Person 1: yeah it’s kind of ridiculous, but she didn’t choose the prices, dote did, and she didn’t even know what they were until release day of the line.
Person 1: i guess that’s fair lol.
by Don’t @ me sis August 15, 2018
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she wears diapers and calvin klein boxers. she goes to soulcyle, a LOT, she refuses to stop talking about it actually. she showers in some mf nike socks IF she decides to shower like Bruh disgusting am i right!!😂😂 i think she used to have a nintendo dog that’s why she acts that she owns one (she thinks that she owns napa but a girl can dream🙄🙊)
-yall i just went to soulcycle!
+bruh wtf r u turning into emma chamberlain... Sick!!!
by GucciBaybee😝 March 24, 2019
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a girl who is absolutely gorgeous, adorable and hilarious.
she’s also definitely dating Ethan Dolan. ethma
Omg it’s Emma Chamberlain my favorite YouTuber!
by ethma October 13, 2018
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A 17 year old girl named Emma Chamberlain. She is almost at 7 million subscribers on youtube and is apart of the Sister Squad. She has an obsession with coffee and chapstick. She is also the most #relatable person ever.
Person: “Do you know who Emma Chamberlain is?”
Me: “Yeah. She is so #relatable.”
by Gray E. Nolan February 16, 2019
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emma chamberlain is a youtuber that is addicted to coffee and it really relatable. some people don’t agree with that just because she once blurred out pictures from her clothing line, and because she’s rumored to be dating ethan dolan. people like those are considered emma chamberlain haters, and have nothing to do in life other than hating. the fact that these people take her time out of their free time just to hate concerns be to be honest. just leave her the fuck alone. thank you.
the hate you’re getting is unbelievable. your situation is very similar to emma chamberlain.
via giphy
by i watch youtube January 12, 2019
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