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The state of having being overwhelmed by some sort of past hurt or pain...crying for a persistently long time.
Susan suffered from a mental breakdown after her mother passed away.
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Usually occurs at night or during math class, when you suddenly burst into tears due to immense pressure or stress. May also be caused by being overwhelmed.

A mental breakdown may cause you to be a real jerk to your friends during one
They can last from 2 minutes all the way up to a couple of hours
Sam takes the IBDP (schooling system) and therefore has at least 2 mental breakdowns a night
by Every night bro February 20, 2018
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Most of the time you act like you are fine, there is nothing bothering you...then...You just start crying and crying and you feel like the hole world has turned and starting fighting you. And you just totally lash out with emotion! You can't stop......It's hell for anyone around while it happens
In side your mind you are crying, screaming,and just can't take it any more....
Your best friend has past on in a car accident and you are totally sad and crushed because they were the only person you could talk to about your emotions just have flown to your Vaca home and are ready to enjoy your 2 month vaca and you get a call...
Boss you hate: We need you here, and if you don't come in 2 hours I will fire you..

In your head...
You in your head: I just and I mean JUST landed at my vaca home and I have to fly back to my sucky work!!!! When I should be here with my best friend but they past on!!!
In rl:

You physically: Cry, scream, and Mental break-down
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by Tryin to tell the truth July 03, 2018
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when you go completley insane
im having a mental breakdown right now.
my life is a mental breakdown
by single pringle October 06, 2016
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