The state of having being overwhelmed by some sort of past hurt or pain...crying for a persistently long time.
Susan suffered from a mental breakdown after her mother passed away.
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When somebody is overwhelmed with emotions, to the point where they go crazy
BBH had a mental breakdown after Skeppy annoyed him with "14" memes
by Some Buttcracker December 11, 2018
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when you realize mike wazowski nodding would be the same as him twerking
"bro im watching monsters inc. and just had an absolut fucking mental breakdown
by not giorno giovanna November 9, 2019
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A situation where a mental breakdown occurs: (part one)

When your dad spills coffee over your very important papers, you have to turn into your teachers - even when you told him to be careful.

This just happened and after he went out, I cried and now I'm stress eating. I've already eaten two packages of noodles, lots of bread and two big (ass) cookies and now I'm heading for the third one.

to have a mental breakdown:

itmight silence you and when someone say too much, you just can't hold it in anymore and you might snap (not meaning to).

Everybody, please forgive the person, they're just having a hard time:(

(if you see somebody crying in the club, please slide a big ass chocolate cookie their way - no explaining needed)
your teacher just yelled at you. they yelled something disrespectful. and it's your favorite teacher.

CURRENT mission: head to the bathroom and when you've locked the door. go ahead and cry
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something I'm having rn
1: damn why won't this mental breakdown go away

2: ikr
by JunnyJun July 25, 2021
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when you go completley insane
im having a mental breakdown right now.
my life is a mental breakdown
by single pringle February 2, 2016
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