An overall great person with a huge personality. She is often found making car vlogs, applying carmex, drinking iced almond milk lattes, or thrifting clothes. Emma is an upcoming YouTube sensation with almost a million subscribers in less than a year. Some people belive she is annoying but those people can go suck a toe. Her favorite artist is Lil Moop and is constantly giving back to the community by giving assholes the right away. Love you, Emma!
Jane: Oh my god! Emma Chamberlains new video was so funny that I almost died in my bed

Mary: Me too, she can make me laugh anytime.
by lilmoopfan April 02, 2018
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A basic try hard white girl. No sense of humor, annoying af, rude, liar, sociopath but her fans are too blind to see this. She's the annoying person in school that thinks they're better than everyone and that everybody likes them but in reality everyone wishes they would gtfo
Person1: Emma chamberlain is so overrated
Fan: no she is not! She is the best person ever and deserves the WORLD!!!
Person2: stfu you jake pauler
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by Dolfvx October 11, 2018
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quirky teen who doesn't shower 🙈✨
phoebe: i forgot to shower today!
marcus: don't do an emma chamberlain!!
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by thiccy nicki April 23, 2019
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A girl that doesn’t know what a shower is. Everyone that’s ever met her says she smells like cigarettes and coffee. She has really bad bags under her eyes because of the amount of caffeine she drinks. She try’s to hard to dress like she’s from the 90’s even tho she was born in 2001. She’s really fucking annoying and obnoxious and try’s WAYY to hard to fit in. Kinda like that one prepubescent teenage boy in your 8th grade science class that thinks his fun and try’s to be friends with the cool kid, but in reality no one really likes him.
Boy: theres that one annoying chick from 3rd block.I think her name is Emma chamberlain.
Girl: i hope she doesn’t sit with us she smells horrible.
by Hailey Bleu October 06, 2018
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Emma Chamberlain is a crazy fracking girl who has almost 2 mil subs on YouTube. She’s LOVES iced almond milk lattes and drinks a insane amount of them. She loves her chambies (her fans) and has them follow her along while she goes thrifting and driving. No one is a thicky like emma.
Person: Emma Chamberlain is so annoying why do ppl watch her...
by Kyle Krosser June 18, 2018
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Some overrated girl who has hygiene worst than 7th graders. She made girls think they’re depressed and have a caffeine addiction. 11-17 year old girls thinks she’s relatable.
Emma Chamberlain: This is my third mental breakdown this week!
13-year-old: LOL RELATABLE
by cheesybroccoli March 30, 2019
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