The biggest shortest crackhead if all time and she runs on ALL caffeine.
Don: Omg is that Emma Chamberlain?
Taylor: No that can't be her. Plus she is way to normal to be Emma.
by Hayley the loser November 22, 2019
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some girl on who got rlly famous online and inspired like every fashion trend to ever exist
did u see emma chamberlains cool new jeans in her youtube video
yh just wait till u see it on every other girls legs (I don't mean that in a weird wy btdubs)
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by look_at_all_those_chickens October 24, 2020
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the most genuine person to ever exist. she cares for her friends and never stops annoying them hdjsjks. emma has so much love for her fans and works so hard to get a quirky but quality content for them. her obsession over coffee is like crack but a refreshing kind of crack ye know. she ADORES dogs probably more than her own mom. she has accomplished so much in such a short period since she had started her youtube channel in 2017. also she has met the dolan twins, known as ethan and grayson, and is until now friends with them (we are desperate for a new collab atm)
no one:
emma chamberlain: burritos>>>
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by anonnn___ May 29, 2019
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