A girl who needs friends in order to live. The only time she will cry would be when she looses a friend... Other than that she’s fucking dead inside. She loves talking to people but she’s better talking to people by text because she is shy around people in real life. She really really fucks up sometimes but you need to know that she didn’t mean it and if she could, she would change it. She would never want to hurt anyone. Just so you know, she thinks ur great.
Hey who’s that bitch over there?
Oh that’s Emilie
by HaveAGreatDayMate February 21, 2019
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A very ugly girl that dates a cheater. She’s a fake friend. She will make other girls stop being friends with someone she don’t like . She very loud and don’t know how to fight . Her pussy stinks . And overall a bad person.
I seen a emilie today and I smelled her from 3 feet away.
by Veronica Perez July 11, 2019
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An ugly duckling slag. Thinks she's very cool. Is a slag. Usually attracts many boys but never stays loyal. Doesn't have a talent. Is truely hated by her friends.
Emilie: Heyyy guysss!
The whole planet: ughhhh its the duck...
by Ughem March 31, 2019
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a girl who used to be the best person ever until she dated a boy and became a hoe and forgot all her friends
person1 : damn, emilie is so nice
person2: yeah, she is until she fucking hurts you and stabs your back
by lmaolikebye August 27, 2017
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A straight up hoe who dates every guy she lays eyes on.
She usually looks dusty and smells like fish.
“Hey Patrick what am I?”
“A hoe”
“No I’m Emilie”

What’s the difference”
by Babyratty69 June 17, 2018
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