The definition of heyyy with 3 y’s means that the person is interested in you and wants a relationship.
Heyyy girl, how is your day?
by Emily w24 July 10, 2018
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This word is used when you like someone, and they texted you. Ugh, just read the example sentences.
Him/her: Hey
(This is another way of showing you like them) :)
by MaryBoner3626 June 6, 2019
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Heyyy with tree ys means dtf (down to frick)
by tootmcscoot October 13, 2020
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Hey is like whats up but heyyy means i like you. Anything longer then that and you know she wants to see your penis in a hotdog bun
Guy1: Becky said heyyy to me
Guy2: shes into you, but if she said heyyyyy she wants to see your penis in a hotdog bun
by Tonyu22 January 30, 2020
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when someone texts you Heyyy you should imidietly know they like you.
girl: heyyy
you: you like me dont you
by ehehehehbahbah October 28, 2019
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What you text to someone when you want to eat their dick

Unless theyre a girl
Girl on text message: Heyyy :)
Guy: wait what
by Rand0mL August 20, 2021
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If you get a text from a girl with her saying “heyyy” it means she want that dick
Girl:Heyyy Guy:hey Girls:don’t you get it I like you Guy:ok
by Mf dick rider April 18, 2022
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