A beautiful girl with a beautiful personality. Her name is gorgeous! Elisabeth, she's always there when you need her and she will never ever disappoint you!
by Beautiful omgongongomg June 18, 2018
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Okay... where do I start. She is the most funniest person you will ever meet. She will make you laugh for no reason at all. She will facetime you until 11:30 pm because she is lonely, but that's okay. You will defiantly make a lot of inside jokes with her. She will always cheer you up no matter what. You can make conspiracy theorys about her crush and his twin, which is always fun. Anyways... she is the most amazing person you will ever meet, especially if you and her are a Leos. Her nickname will be Ellie too.
Daniel: OMG is that Elisabeth?!?!
Me: yeah, why?
Daniel: She is so hoooooot!
by sophiathethicclegend December 28, 2018
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a beautiful girl, usually popular. Good with parents, teachers and boys. Sometimes can break your heart. Very sexy, loving, smart, and especially cool. Always in the mood for anything, can be a girly girl or a tomboy. Somedays prefers to get a manicure and pedicure done, some days prefers to go dirt biking.
"Damn look at her...who is she?"
"Her name is Elisabeth"
"Holy shit thats a good looking girl"
by Elisabeth'sBoy November 27, 2011
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When she is your sister, she is a very good sister. She will always support you no matter what and will always be by your side. Elisabeth is always there for you and if there is for example halloween, she always will go trick or treating with you. If you are friends with her, she will never forget you, always love you.

Never lose Elisabeth, she is a very great, and beautiful person inside and out :))
Girl : wow whonis that?
someone : this is elisabeth, she is my best friend
Girl : wooooow
by Oceanwavezz November 01, 2019
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Girls name, hebrew origin that means 'my god is an oath' or 'my god is abundance.' also a very pretty name.
by BOOMAGE-99 November 01, 2009
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Common name of celebrities: Elizabeth Arden, Elisabeth Taylor, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Gracen, Elisabeth Hurley, Elizabeth Shue.

Variations: Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Lis, Liz, Lisbeth, Liza, Lisa, Lizabeth, Isabella, Bella, Izzy, Beth, Lizzard-Breath, Lezziebeth

Elisabeth (German/British) or Elizabeth is a form of the Hebrew name Elisheva, which means "my God is an oath" or "my God is abundance.

Variant of Elsa: a Diminutive of Elizabeth, Meaning 'My God is Bountiful', or 'God of Plenty.' Also from the Old German Athal Meaning 'Noble'. Famous Bearers: Heroine of Wagner's Opera 'Loheogrin'

Overall Elisabeth is a wholesome beautiful name and anyone with the name of Elisabeth was truly created by the grace of God and is very faithful and loving and combined with the middle name Grace makes her truly passionate, and caring. Either that or her mother wanted to name her after a queen and a princess.
Person: Hey Elisabeth?

Elisabeth 1: Who Me?
Elizabeth 2: Are you talking to me?
Lizbeth 3: yes?
Liz: yeah?
Lis: Hey how are you doing? (The correct Elisabeth that the individual was talking too.)
by Lima India Sierra February 02, 2010
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A girl, whose preferred nickname is Elise, who loves reading, writing, chocolate (yknow, to keep the Dementors away) and Harry Potter.

Enemies of J.K. Rowling, beware.

Elisabeth is such a BOOKWORM!!!!!!!!
i kNOW, right??!!
via giphy
by lily_luna February 08, 2018
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