normally a name for a female which most people see as “elizabeth” but it’s not. it’s an elegant name which is emphasized on the “s”.
elisabeth is my name... not elizabeth ya dumb fuck
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a misanthrope and trained killer who is truculent and distracts prey with her intelligence and Winnie Cooper good looks. Also discriminates against the letter "z."
Seriously, who peed in her Cheerios today? She is being a total elisabeth.
by notredfern July 15, 2010
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Eisabeth is a kind sweet girl. Usually very tall and strong. Love netbal. Elisabeth means " My God and Oath." <3
Eisabeth is kind hearted and will never heart anyone. Btw she loves ducks.
Someoe: F U
Elisabeth: EXUSE ME?
by CutePup130607 June 17, 2019
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Elisabeth, HATES having her name spelt wrong. She will stand up for her friends no matter what happens. Elisabeth is kind, smart, and beautiful.
"Who is that!"
"Damn... she beautiful!"
by Elisabeth #queen September 12, 2018
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the name elizabeth. the german name for it is elisabeth!
american person: hey im elizabeth
german person: you mean elisabeth
by beth March 13, 2005
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Elisabeth’s being defined as a smart, athletic girl is an understatement. She is sometimes doubtful of her abilities but is confident nether the less. She is very independent and doesn’t need a man or women to succeed. Elisabeth’s tend to be tomboys that love to play football and despite insecurities are fit as f*ck. Elisabeth’s have big hearts and even bigger dreams. Never piss her off or hurt any of her friends because she never backs down from a fight.
Being defined as an Elisabeth is something to be proud of.
by Hellyhb*tches October 31, 2019
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Haha she's hot, even when she doesnt try. She'll ask you for that fresh disk if you do something which means you're not safe. She's a cutie too, but she's difficult and doesn't accept the fact that she is. She has a dirty mind. She'll also go mad mad if you spell her name with the letter Z instead of the letter S. Like cmon whats an Elizabeth, I only know a hot Elisabeth.
"Oh she's peng"
"Yeah thats Elisabeth for you"
"For sure"
by YurrrrEggDee June 24, 2019
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