Another word for which! Elisabeth is usually very aggressive but at the same time very adorable. She laughs at literally everything
Don’t be so aggressive Elisabeth
by Gheqyhbqk November 08, 2020
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Elisabeth is a woman's name. It means "Gods child". If you meet an Elisabeth, don't ever let her go. She can be quiet and shy, but is the funniest gal you'll ever meet. Once you get to know her, you won't regret it, but you might a little. She sticks with one man, but is a little shy at first. She has her insecurities like the rest of us. She doesn't let those get in the way of herself though. She doesn't care what others might think of her and is often determined to carve her own path.
Elisabeth is going to chill with the gals
by Paige222 March 19, 2021
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She will rock your shit if you spell her name wrong. She has been through a lot, so if you are lucky enough to get her to trust you, treat her right. She is a HUGE feminist, and very opinionated. She doesn't really like herself, but she's probably working on it. She tends to hold grudges, and if you do anyone she loves wrong, you should watch your back. She is very defensive, and cares about her friends. If you hurt her she will believe it's her fault, but her close friends will come for you. If you have and Elisabeth you're lucky, she doesn't trust just anyone. She doesn't trust men, she has found her men that are trustworthy, and that is it. If she like you, you won't know unless she wants you to. She's good at hiding her feelings. If she trusts you enough to cry in front of you you're special to her. She gets angry easily, but if she's actually mad at you you'll know. Sometimes she tries to push people away, but she almost always comes crawling back. If you are close to an Elisabeth, hold her close. You're important to her.
Person 1: "Have you met Elisabeth?"
Person 2: "Yeah, she's great. Don't spell her name wrong though, she might rock your shit."
by EROCKSMC March 09, 2021
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