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A crack whore. This bitch supports her crack addiction by sucking dick! She is the Horniest girl anyone will ever meet. Its hard to walk by her without her trying to blow you!
Me in rabbi varon’s house: yo Elisheva can you pass me some milk?
Elisheva: (high as fuck) what did u say? You want me to suck your cock?
by GarAssNigga December 07, 2017
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the most amazing girl i have ever met the most beautiful girl in the world very sweet and very considerate i feel like i can tell her anything
I feel i can tell elisheva anything.
by frisbeestompersrule February 25, 2010
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hot body, extremely fun in nature, good personality
Mark has a crush on Elisheva. He says that she is hot and he loves to be around her.
by hotstuff April 25, 2005
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a person who is extroverted, funny, sweet, and a little bit weird. They are a great person and would be a great girlfriend. Is likely, Bisexual, Polysexual, or lesbian.
Elisheva is my best friend.
Elisheva went to the park.
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by Eli's Art May 10, 2019
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Elisheva is the most beautiful human who has ever crossed this planet and galaxy. If you were to pass her on the street, you would certainly pass out for a couple of years and have a long recovery process. Elisheva actually means “princess” so you better treat her like one when you see her, of course. It is an honor to exist in her vicinity. Elisheva is a trillion more things than beautiful but you are probably not worthy to stand next to her so you probably will never know them.
Ex: did you see Elisheva last night?
What?? How did u get near her!!! Shes my idol!!!
by Elisweven August 18, 2019
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Elisheva is a name for girls. Elishevas are very athletic and strong. They are boyish than some boys and can be really annoying sometimes. She doesnt have too much friends. She also doesnt obey some rules and she likes to swear sometimes. If you piss her off, you’re in big trouble. You can trust Elisheva all the time and she’ll never tell your secrets to anyone. She’s also tall. Elisheva isnt green minded and her friends are.
by I like turtles dumbass January 24, 2018
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Elisheva told me that she likes her men like she likes her coffee.
by lovegirlloveschocolate March 06, 2019
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