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A badass, adorable girl who will fight you. Gracen is a great friend and she's hilarious. She has got your back, no matter what. She only is loyal to those who respect her and those she known forever. She's tough, smart and pretty. She's a little needy at times, and will totally fangirl over her favorite TV shows.
Person:Hey Gracen!
Gracen:Hi! What do you need?
Person:Nothing, I just wanted to say that you're a great friend!
by doit4thevinecuzimlikethat February 04, 2017
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PN: Gracen (girl)- This is the type of person who you'll have fun with and wil have the greatest memories. She's outgoing, nice, thoughtful, and funny. She's absolutely GORGEOUS and she's a great kisser ;. She's straight and works well in school with girls and guys. Athletic.. definitely. This is the kind of person you can see being a life-long friend with. And soulmate for guys.
Person:Hey, Gracen!
Gracen:Hey =
Person:You're awesome!
by georgiexoxo September 22, 2008
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dirty fat bitch basically I mean there's really no other way to describe her, she's just a dirty fat bitch dude
Me: hey it's gracen
Friend: gross

Me: Ikr
friend: whys she such a dirty fat bitch
by trump666bushdid9/11 September 08, 2016
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