– Originated from Sanskrit, means Unity.
A unique radiant girl, with a kind & giving heart. Stands out in a crowd, not only because of her beauty but also because of her smart engaging personality. Weird & quirky with a great sense of humor. Puts the needs of friends & family before those of hers. Smart & witty, she knows just what to say in any situation & can give the best advice to solve any problem. There’s never a dull moment with her & she can be trusted with the deepest of secrets. Unsure about taking risks, but will do so without hesitation for those she cares about. Fun loving & has a sweet tooth, especially for ice cream. No matter what she goes through, she will wear a smile on her face, just to see one on someone else. Humble, she often underestimates herself, yet accomplishes every goal she sets to achieve through sheer hard work & determination. Lives up to the meaning of her name, by being the unifying force among all her relationships.
"She's an Ekta... you can tell by the way she keeps everyone together"
by Samta15 December 15, 2012
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Ekta in hindi means unity.
Ekta is also a popular and very common girl's name.
We should all have ekta in our country.
by WannaBeCow August 16, 2006
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colloquial term used to describe ice skaters who predominantly skate on one foot. Also used to describe people who have penguin like tendancies.
"Ow, i'm putting all my weight on one foot in this ice skating....i'm such an Ekta"

"Look at that person flapping about like a penguin, what an Ekta."
by ainsley05 January 27, 2010
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A girl with a large booty and possessing a nasty habit of laughing while acting childish.
Wow... watch out for that Ekta over there, she might prank ya
by Neil March 28, 2005
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An Indian TV show producer known for transforming Indian Television into shit-pile with her over-rated (by Indian Women) TV shows based completely on nothing but nonsense.

Her daily soaps can give you cancer. Truly.
All the daily-soaps by Ekta Kapoor have the same story -- shit.
by depy August 16, 2014
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She is a overreactive bitch that pewdiepie made a joke...
She is also the Indian Version of Alinity...
You know what type of person you are, an Ekta Kapoor!!!
by Meme Production July 19, 2018
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