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A whiny twitch thot that plays the victim card a lot, and falsely strikes YouTube’s videos for money.
Person 1 - “Man that streamer is a real Alinity”

Person 2 - “yeah, what a whore.”
by Alinity the twitch thot May 23, 2018
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An ugly narccistic twitch thot who hides behind her network to 'copy strike' channels that mention her in any way. Also used her ex-husband to gain a Canadian citizenship before divorcing him.
Alinity tried to copystrike pewdiepie but it didn't work because it doesn't exist. What she did do was claim the video so all of the revenue goes to her.
by B E G O N E THOT May 25, 2018
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A Twitch Thot, usually with at least one exhusband, who will stick up for her Thotties by copystriking any who poke fun of her exposed butt.
by MrStillz May 24, 2018
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A twitch streamer known for acting like a prostitute on camera, and suffering no consequences. She was recently "offended" by Pewdiepie calling a few twitch streamers thots, and then yelling "Can we copy strike Pewdiepie?!"

She makes money off of collab DM, who copy strikes other videos. Then she will openly brag about it.
"Did you here about alinity?"
"Yah, that whiney b**ch?"
via giphy
by KeepLaughingMotherF***er May 24, 2018
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A woman who is a enormous thot but tricks herself to believe that she is not a self degrading whore who will sell herself for some pennies
Girl 1: did you hear about Melissa?

Girl 2: I don't care about that hoe, we all know she a Alinity.
by Dhronn May 25, 2018
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