Immature kiddies who are on the verge of high school. They're usually arrogant or hateful, or both. And they're emotionally sensitive.
Eighth graders are gonna be freshmen next year....

by Gruu December 03, 2003
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Eighth graders are kids who are eager to get to know highschoolers and often become obsessed and/or creepy with their highschool friends but once they become freshman they "lose touch" with them and conform into a social group becoming a totally different person.
Desperate 8th grader - you have a boyfriend

Highschooler - no, why?

Desperate 8th grader - no reason. Hey! can i have your number?

Highschooler -

-OR in a even creepier situation-

hotdrummer4life - sup! this iz rick
basketballchick - who's rick and how did you get my email?
hotdrummer4life - i got it from my frinds i was wonring if u will go out with me?
basketballchick - I'm going to call the police if you don't stop following me. I'm tired of all you weird eighth graders.
by kifgotback June 08, 2006
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A group of hot girls that they may be younger than they look or act.
Damn, Ken those eighth graders are fine.But be careful, looks can be disceiving.
by DANIEL December 01, 2003
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bullying.....teachers not giving a shit.......
basicly your fair pray
try and make friends with the school nerse or lunch lady........
then..they run around in somthing that dasn't cover there ass and then they get an STD

bitchy year 12 dick: look at the cockaroachers

slutty whore number 1: look at what shes wearing!! my gosh

bitchy year 12er number 2: thraws a bottle at the poor little year 8 kid

"Eighth Graders are coming don't look like you care"
by nicolea December 08, 2005
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guy whose penis meets or exceeds adult average length (seven inches) and meets or exceeds adult average girth (five inches) by the end of seventh grade summer
A hung eighth grader is either going to be discovered when making out or with boner passed out on the couch drunk at a party. If he is saving it for marriage he's going to get alot of unwanted sexual attention as girls vie to experience its pleasuring for themselves.

Of the downsides of being a hung eighth grader girls will be less willing to try anal sex with him especially when extra girthy
by Unloaded Words December 15, 2012
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An eighth grader with a penis around 8" long. He will also have big balls.
Close to hung seventh grader but bigger in proportions.
Kelsey: Have you had sex with Michael?
Alexa: Yea, but he has a small dick.
Kelsey: Ahha thats funny.
Alexa: Try Jordan, he's a hung eighth grader.
Kelsey: I will. {Licks lips}
by :D:DD:DDD May 14, 2007
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