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Immature kiddies who are on the verge of high school. They're usually arrogant or hateful, or both. And they're emotionally sensitive.
Eighth graders are gonna be freshmen next year....

by Gruu December 03, 2003

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National Forensics League

League endorsing and promoting speech and debate for people, particularly those in high school.

Good way to get over stage fright and meet interesting people. Not to be confused with the National Football League.
That NFL competition on Saturday was awesome. I placed in Extemp and OPP, and I had fun in controversy debate too.

Not to mention I met someone nice. :D
by Gruu January 01, 2004

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Whale or iwas

You're domb
by Gruu December 03, 2003

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The complement of a cow.

Originated from the concept of DNA base pairing, where A pairs with T and C pairs with G. O and W seem to just logically pair up wiht O and X.

See also GoxNA.
We're off to see the Gox, the wonderful gox of oz.
by Gruu December 03, 2003

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