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Eighth graders are kids who are eager to get to know highschoolers and often become obsessed and/or creepy with their highschool friends but once they become freshman they "lose touch" with them and conform into a social group becoming a totally different person.
Desperate 8th grader - so...do you have a boyfriend

Highschooler - no, why?

Desperate 8th grader - no reason. Hey! can i have your number?

Highschooler - uh..no

-OR in a even creepier situation-

hotdrummer4life - sup! this iz rick
basketballchick - who's rick and how did you get my email?
hotdrummer4life - i got it from my frinds i was wonring if u will go out with me?
basketballchick - I'm going to call the police if you don't stop following me. I'm tired of all you weird eighth graders.
by kifgotback June 08, 2006
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A kid that is not part of a high school band but goes to the pratices, competitions, and other events and is often more popular than half of the band. He or she is well known throughout the band and by the director and is often liked.
random band kid - "why is that kid at our competition? Who is he?"

Other more involved band kid - "oh thats a band groupie he always comes with us"
by kifgotback May 19, 2006
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