in french, it means "life";
vie de france (the store in southcoast plaza); life in france :
by Vie May 14, 2005
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1. to get a girl and get something good outa her.
aka sex.
2. to hit up a club and pimp out a girl.
1. Jonathon: yoo jordy u vie up that girl yet?
2. Jonathon: yoo we gona vie this club up tonight!
Jordan: FO SHO FO SHO im so down.
by Duke Bradley October 24, 2005
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Is a loyal stoner-like, likes deep music, can do anything if she REALLY sets her mind to it. typically a brunette
"where can i find some weed?"..."CALL STE VIE"
by ambermunroeeeeeeeeee November 08, 2009
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she is a lovely girl and very beautiful but she dont accept sorry from guys when you have a sin to her
angel vie is beautiful
by arceus the lover July 02, 2017
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A loser who disses his real friends in favor of fake ones. Lives with his mom and will never amount to anything. One day this person will wake up and his fake friends are all grown up and gone, but has burned bridges with the ones that used to care about him. Term is inspired by a real-life Bobbi Vie, now used to describe someone of similar mentality.
Kid 1: Yo, why's that 35-year old wearing wack ass clothes and hanging out at the high school all day talking about break dancing? Doesn't he have a job?

Kid 2: Nah, he's bobbi vie.

Kid 1: Oh that explains it.
by Ahcarirs September 10, 2010
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