in french, it means "life";
vie de france (the store in southcoast plaza); life in france :
by Vie May 14, 2005
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1. to get a girl and get something good outa her.
aka sex.
2. to hit up a club and pimp out a girl.
1. Jonathon: yoo jordy u vie up that girl yet?
2. Jonathon: yoo we gona vie this club up tonight!
Jordan: FO SHO FO SHO im so down.
by Duke Bradley October 25, 2005
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short for vienna - capital city of austria
i'm from vie
by mxr4lph January 1, 2022
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nobody likes him because he is fat and ugly.
Person A: Omg that dude is so ugly and lonely he is such a Vie
Person B: I would vie him in the ass.
by Big dick Nicks picnic November 25, 2019
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"Did you hear that Volar Vie is a furry?"
"Yeah, no one cares."
by Johnny Doe Man February 11, 2020
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Intelligent, funny, beautiful, grateful, thankful, blessed, athletic, nice, etc. A very generous best friend, you can easily become friends with this person.
by AMP ANONYMOUS March 6, 2022
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Is a loyal stoner-like, likes deep music, can do anything if she REALLY sets her mind to it. typically a brunette
"where can i find some weed?"..."CALL STE VIE"
by ambermunroeeeeeeeeee November 8, 2009
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