Efi is the tallest woman on earth.
She is so tall, she looks like an Efi.
by Know.it.all22 November 20, 2021
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Horny but for food
Bro im hella efi for some McDonald's rn
by Ragebalde181 December 30, 2022
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Grade A+ in all school subjects as well as in Mossad contracts and leading countries(his code name A.G from the Mossad stands for Gever Alpha). In some cultures, he was crowned as GOD.
Yosef: Look at that Efi B. he just participated in the most important Mossad contract ever
Efi B: Damn right I took part in it. You should worship me as your god.
by Babi47 November 22, 2021
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enough for you
like the olivia rodrigo song

there’s no reason except its such a bop it needs an acronym that’s all

thank me later instagram bios
i love olivas song efy ITS SO GOOD
all i ever wanted was to be efy
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