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a form of masterbation that includes hitting, twisting and pulling on your dick
oh man am i sore, i stayed up all night playing bop it!
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Sexual term for moves based on the toy game Bop It.
a one on one sexual game for super freaky people
jake: yo last night we played Bop It
darrel: yo she twist it ?

Jake: and i flicked it and she pulled it and i Bopped it
by Lea Mami January 25, 2012
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aka Bosnian armpit. A Bosnian will arrive when he is summoned, then he will force your head into his armpit and say, "oof, clean up your room. Bop it." then he will dab on them haters and yeet out of sight.
Beware the Bop It...
by Breaking Badass May 21, 2018
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(verb) the act of a girl giving a male a very rough and painful hand job. she bops it, twists it and pulls it and the male yelps very loudly when it's over.

"Dude how she last night?"

"Horrible. She played bop it with my dick the whole time and I was like AAAAOOOOWWWWW!"
by BopItExtreme March 02, 2009
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Durning sex you can play this. To start you girl friend must yell "Bop It" and then you play.
If she says:
Bop it= Press her boobs
Squeeze it= You squeeze her Boobs
Flick it= you pick up her boobs and let them hit her chest so it makes a flick noice
Turn it= you grasp her boobs and turn them
Girl friend "BOP IT JONY"

Girl friend "Squeeze it"

Girl friend "Flick it"
by Named February 08, 2007
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twist it, punch it, suck it, bop it, whatever the hell you feel like doing, its always a fun thing to learn from children's toys on late night trips to walmart
my best friends gf and i played extreme bop it last night in the middle of k-mart's toy section...and my high score was 69
by [] February 25, 2010
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