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Yosef is a name for perisans and israelis.
(Not to be confused with the Arabic name Yousef)
Yosef’s naturally have brown or black hair and or brown eyes.
Yosef’s normally love video games such as the diseasefortnite.
Yosef’s also love the drink Arizona.
(Yosef’s are also virgins because they play fortnite)
Yosef: hi Danny I’m better then you at fortnite.
by TheThickning February 08, 2019
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In Arabic origins, it means greatest man in the world. Ruler of all, and Sultan of Olympian High School.
The Pope, King Richard, Sultan Suliemon The Magnificiant and Yosef Alemi were the worlds greatest rulers.
by Abrahim Azia April 21, 2008
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A sexy, badass dude from Israel who knows how to serve up a shot of tequila and give you an orgasm just by staring at you ;-) Not to be confused with arabic Yousufs who think they're hot shots when they're not. YOSEFs are from Israel!
Elise: Hey T check him out he's soo sexy, his name is YOSEF
Tina: I dunno he looks soo mean
Elise: I know it's driving me crazy thinking what he would do to me if given the chance.
by AlphaRomeo* December 06, 2013
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Absolute sex god. Man with many wives. All the ladies flock to him but he stays cool, calm, and collected.
“Damn Yosef, you got all the hoes
Chill, vibe
by Skelot JR. February 01, 2019
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