Efi is a girl who looks like she is quiet. But is loud, energetic, funny and sassy. She is really pretty but her beauty is hidden. She is smart but is underestimated. She is good at working independently, but prefers working in groups. She seems super happy. But is suffering from a little bit of depression. Some people might judge her at first, but once they get to know her they start to like her.
boy: look at efi, shes soo cute

girl: ya, shes littt
by by honeyhoney January 15, 2019
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(Especially For Youth) A LDS-based program for youth aged between 14 and 18. Honestly, the best flippin' week of your life.
EFY is the best week of my year.
by Zach14 February 04, 2008
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She’s a lovely person who smiles and twerk a lot. She’s sometimes weird but have a little bitch inside. She’s smart.
by Kdjyudbe June 11, 2020
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always smile but twerk a lot. She‘s smart and lovely and a little bitch.
by Kdjyudbe June 11, 2020
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enough for you
like the olivia rodrigo song

there’s no reason except its such a bop it needs an acronym that’s all

thank me later instagram bios
i love olivas song efy ITS SO GOOD
all i ever wanted was to be efy
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