That spooky thing that your voice does when it bounces of walls.
You: Hello
Echo: Hellllo~

by xxpastazxx June 19, 2018
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A copy of something. Unorginal. A joke that goes on and on and on and on and well u get the point. It is a needless excess in the world and adds nothing but obnoxious repeate. You want to be different so you name your kid Echo.
Mom: I was not acknowledged and often turned down hey I know I will name my kid echo to get some attention anywhere I can grab it.
by loraanne March 29, 2010
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The Echo is a reverberation mimic of sound, when a sound is pronounced, it travels in sound waves and bounces back from the wall back to your listening receptors.
{Sound}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} |Wall|
{Ears}{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ |Wall|
by Dan Slater December 9, 2004
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What you call someone as an insult who is unable to comeback at you verbally in an argument. Instead they repeat what you say. They are an “Echo” or “Echoing“ what you say.
Me: You’re being a child!

Them: No, you’re being a child!

Me: Why you gotta be an echo?
by MeatOrchid November 14, 2020
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A word that signifies you have heard a piece of gossip before.
"Omg Harry and Caitlin hooked up!"
"Yeah echo."
by Richbitch101 September 10, 2014
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That sound your hear when there is a pedophile behind you but you just ignore it because you are a savage.
Yo my dood, did you hear that echo?
Yeah my dood, that was cool.
HUGYFFCFVGFGJHKJNMGBFHFVDCRCHGVH... H...H... h... h... h... ... .. .
by Mr. Noobster November 15, 2017
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A gay faggot whos mind is only focused on one thing: Anal buttsex
Dont be an Echo, kids.
by Crazyflares June 20, 2014
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