That sound your hear when there is a pedophile behind you but you just ignore it because you are a savage.
Yo my dood, did you hear that echo?
Yeah my dood, that was cool.
HUGYFFCFVGFGJHKJNMGBFHFVDCRCHGVH... H...H... h... h... h... ... .. .
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by Mr. Noobster November 15, 2017
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To agree to something. Another word for retweet, etc.
Jim: Jason's new Gonger is so ugly
Joey: Echo. I hate that purple on it.
by Joeyjohnson8 May 08, 2016
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A 23-minute epic by psychadelic act Pink Floyd. It's featured on their 1971 album Meddle and is considered by fans the point in which they found the sound they were best known for in albums like The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. It takes up the entire b-side of the album. Also the title of their greatest hits album Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd (The song is featured on that compilation but is shortened to only thirteen minutes).
You haven't heard Pink Floyd until you've heard Echoes.
by A Little Pinprick August 26, 2006
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An incredibly epic song by Pink Floyd. It varies from thirteen minutes (the Best of cd) to around 27 minutes (the live David Gilmour version). From the opening solo, where the guitar is just lovely, to David and Richard Wright (R.I.P.) (or whatever various live keyboardist) trading solos, to the strangely beautiful echo noises in the middle, and then the incredible bass swell, all the way to the end, where the guitar sounds like drops of golden fire from heaven, this is, musically, a stunning vista with much variance. Roger Water's beautiful lyrics are just bloody incredible.
Person 1: Hey man, what's up?

Person 2: Shh, I'm listening to Echoes.
by Erik Klerf November 23, 2009
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A discontinued car made by Toyota. It was made to replace the Tercel.

It's reliable, small, yet spacious inside, easy to parallel park, gets 50+ mpg, and is shaped like an egg. The 5-speeds, if driven properly, have some pretty decent acceleration.

Most commonly driven by old ladies, homely girls, queer guys, secure manly men, and environmentally conscience tree huggers.
"Eww, who would put a skirt and a spoiler on an Echo? That is the epitome of gay."

"I got schooled trying to race an Echo once."
"How embarrassing."
by PlainTops October 23, 2009
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A gay faggot whos mind is only focused on one thing: Anal buttsex
Dont be an Echo, kids.
by Crazyflares June 20, 2014
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