Echo is a beautiful girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She loves animals especially dogs and is a great friend to everyone. She's excels at all sports and is always there for you. She's secretly your crush and your true love. You can't help but like her. She stands up for you when nobody will. She is open to making new friends. She never is mean to anyone. In school, Echo always tries her best. She is a team player. Echo is so funny. You will only have one Echo in your life and she's a keeper.
Oh my gosh girl. The beauty has arrived! It's Echo!
by themosthonestopinion April 24, 2019
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Echo are usually shy people but once you get to know them they are insane . They are usually trash mouths but are pretty funny they like older music like nirvana or the Beatles or even the beastie boys they skip class sometimes and even steal cigarettes they seem like a teachers pet but are actually a badass you should get to know a echo even tho it is a rather odd name they are a rather odd human being
Girl 1: Hey have you seen echo?
Girl 2: I think she’s skipping again
by Anime bitches December 11, 2018
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A greek nymph who got in trouble with Hera, was doomed forever only to repeat the words of others. Fell in love with Narcicuss, who loved himself...
The story of Echo and Narcicuss...
by Echo February 19, 2004
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A small grandma like lady who is as sassy as she is adorable. Will smoke pot and watch movies by herself
Girl, she is such an echo... lucky.
by Alalam June 03, 2017
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the action of looking at a hot babe a second time(and sometimes a third, fourth, et al.). can be used to describe a great-lookin dime that is too foxy to check out just once. When someone sees a babe and cannot check her out only once, but instead is forced to check her out again, that second glance is the 'echo'. usually an 'echo' is followed by a taken-aback comment or expression of awe.
BT-squared: "hey, did you see that girl?! wait I have to look again!"

us: "dude you just did another 'echo'!!"

BT-squared: "wow. that cutie is an echo, I can't stop looking at her, it must be brooke, Wait, it IS brooke!"

* * *

Brooke, the only original "Echo"
by LilBibby2342 July 01, 2006
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Echo is a person who cares for everyone. They spend their nights alone often their soul filled with sorrow. They are the ultimate edge lord They are great at making out and are a true keeper.
Damn look it’s Echo. Man I wish I could be that edgy
by Faggasstraps May 06, 2018
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