Term used for an act of oral sex performed on a male.
Sam was delighted to find our his girlfriend had a penis. He was finally able to eat the meat.
by J.oxlong April 13, 2021
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Also known as Kelly. Beware, she likes luring kids with her voice and pleasuring them. Her accomplice for such tasks involves pedophiliacs, portismember as well as necrophiliacs.
preteen:Hey eat his meat ate my meat!!
by denali January 08, 2005
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to eat someone out or suk a guy up
r to say to sumone when mad
kinda like piss off
Jason: Becky ur such a bytch (bitch)

Becky: Fuk u Jason, eat meat
by zprincess aka Mz.Blast July 18, 2008
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when you stop at a weigh side drunk and hungry you stumble into a pissy stall and find a tasty morsel on the toilet seat that satisfies your hunger
Yo Howard! Yesterday after those jello shots I went to the park shitter and passed out, I came to so hungry that I went to the bathroom to eat the meat off the toilet seat!
by OjibweLdF July 31, 2008
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To eat meat loaf doesn't have one definition. It can be referred to about any sexual situation in place of the real term.
That girl really likes to eat meat loaf.
I haven't eaten meat loaf in a few days.
I'll call you later; I am busy eating meat loaf.
by Bean of Doom June 25, 2011
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A phrase heard in the Pink Floyd song, "Another Brick in the Wall". Extremely funny.
Son: "Mom, can I have some pudding?"
Mom: "You haven't eaten your meat yet."
Son: "But mom!"
Mom: "Son, you know that: 'If you don't eat yer meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?"
Son: "Don't be quoting Pink Floyd on me again..."
by DuBois March 22, 2006
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The act of fellatii on a penis that has recently penetrated a rectum or has partaken in anal intercoarse.
Michelle:Donny's dick tasted wierd when we had that orgy ..
Jane you didn't see him banging Louis

In the ass just before that ......girl you were eating the Greek meat!
by Vigna May 09, 2016
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