i tasted tat chopsuey til t last morsel
by swethu August 5, 2007
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a delectable, young and tender POA, usually of asian descent, with a weight rarely exceeding 110 ellbeez.
dam, imagine the things that could be done with that little morsel!

i bet that morsel tastes like honey
by bender May 5, 2004
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A beautiful girl. She so smart and u can tell her everything. She absolutely nice to everyone especially her friends. She cute and funny. She always saying jokes. She tan and long dark brown hair.
Random person : Hey is that morsell
Morsell’s friend : yes she so pretty im glad im her best friend
by Im in love August 30, 2018
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The instance when one's orthodontic braces captivate food from one's previous meal and happen to be a nice little "treat" sometime in the future.
As Joe was walking hope the other day he realized the odd sensation of chicken flavor in his mouth... Low and behold followed by a small piece of chicken. "What the crap! Mandible morsels!" he said to himself.
by BlackStallion92 March 3, 2009
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An exceptionally pungent, meaty, transient bout of flatulence unleashed by an unknown assailant in a confined area.
The mood at the dinner party was blackened by a haunting, cloying odour - despite a volley of accusing looks, no-one would confess to discharging the ghastly mince morsel....
by The Baron Delarary August 29, 2006
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Dude: Just thinking about our last spring break snacking on a mind-morsel
Chick: omg I loved that vacation
by Imakethesewhenimonvaca November 26, 2019
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