Any reference to quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. A quarantine could be to reference self-quarantine or forced quarantine.
I haven't worn jeans during the entirety of the Q.
I can't wait to go dancing after the Q. It'll be weird at first but I gotta get weird.
by Heiggins April 06, 2020
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Refers to Nesquik that is, has been, or will be snorted. The act of snorting "the Q" is usually committed by children.

As defined by Dane Cook
When I was young, we used to snort Nesquik all the time, or "the Q" as we liked to call it.
by thegeebe April 20, 2006
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Boxing Kirby, best kirby of all time

by 1337IkeGr3il May 13, 2008
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An smiley that is a picture of a korean boxer. The Q's represent his hands. -_- his face.
You: Man im going to fuck you up gosu starcraft player SlayerS_'BoxeR'

SlayerS_'BoxeR': -.-
SlayerS_'BoxeR': Q(-_-Q)
by Foogle October 06, 2003
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A basic type drawn image variant of Kirby...this time he is posing as a boxer, throwing a punch. This simple...thing, is the answer to anything and everything, killing any hope of a comeback, and rendering those bastards on 4chan powerless
Detective: Where were you on the day of the murder?
You: Umm... Q==(^.^Q)
Detective: Shit, this investigation is closed until further notice!

You: Q==(^.^Q)
**No reply**
by i suck cock for money September 25, 2010
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