a term that refers to when (during a performance) a musical group plays a prerecorded track and lip-synchs on stage
The new rock group used playback instead of actually singing/performing the song on stage.
by Coat-kid January 2, 2008
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good engagement, agreeing with you are or what you’re doing, positive clout basically
In the 16th century, if you were a women without a prominent forehead you’re getting no playback, simple.
by almost dropped my croissant 😒 September 29, 2021
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a term used to describe the performance of the singers/performers when musical groups use a pre-recorded track and lip/instrument-sync on stage in front of the audience
Instead of actually performing the song, the upcoming rock group used playback for fear of screwing up their first live performance.
by Coat-kid November 29, 2007
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A person that likes to suck their own dick, and act like its not a big deal.
"Phil did you just pull a PlayBack?"

-"Its no big deal, it was just the tip just a lick for a bit!"
by Yatc August 22, 2010
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Act of getting back at someone for playing you for a fool.
" I CANT BELIEVE SHE DID THAT TO YOU"......"its ok, I got playback on her, she now knows how I felt!"
by menacita August 13, 2011
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a new hot singing sensation from boston.

see www.playback-music.com
-Did you see Playback's show yesterday?
-yeah they rocked
by Cookie December 12, 2004
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An oilfield term used to describe a condition that does not need to be corrected right away. For instance, a minor mistake which can be corrected later is deemed "playbackable."

The word originated when oilfield data was kept on computer tapes, and in order to re-access the data, the tape had to be played back.

Terry: "I can't believe I just spent my last $20 at the craps table. Too bad my bet isn't playbackable."

Example 2:

Jim: "I just computed some data with the wrong model."
Tom: "Don't worry, it's playbackable."
by vaeren November 5, 2008
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