Ability to identify emotions in self and others. Something Corinne on the bachelor apparently didn't have.
Taylor: She's so dumb, I had to define emotional intelligence to her.
by Berryjam February 8, 2017
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Can change your personality depending on who you are with
Nigga: Omg she’s so fake I hate her
Hoe: Um actually you can change your emotions/actions depending on who you’re with. It’s a sign of emotional intelligence and as long as you are yourself it’s not being fake.
Niggas: 🤡🤡
by buttBuddybrandi July 29, 2019
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A lever of emotional intelligence that is so low that you doubt the importance of emotional intelligence.
Person 1 : “I’m better than everyone ever at everything ever always”

Person 2 : “Dude you’re having Sid Emotional Intelligence right now
by Urban dictionary goat March 10, 2022
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A dumbass. Can't think, talk, or be personable because they lack something...specifically BALLS.
Look at Clif over there, what a dumb fuck... He's emotional intelligent-less...

If his nuts were any smaller they'd be invisible.
by Wobert B December 4, 2020
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