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Durham is a town in south-central Connecticut. It is full of rednecks, something commonly not found in most of Connecticut. Due to it being such a small town, Most of the people of Durham consider Wallingford or Middletown a City. Durham is the most ass backwards town in the state of Connecticut and is known for having such a heavy southern influence regardless of being so far north. The town is known for the Durham Fair. It is an agricultural fair, so it's basically a pig and cow beauty contest or something. Known for Food and random bullshit artists that play every year. Most teens hang out driving around in their parents cars or in some persons basement smoking pot or getting drunk. The high school is called Coginchaug, and is known for it's dense populations of Douchebag Jocks, Slut girls and generally stupid people. It is even more divided economically, having students on the poorer end of the working class, and very very well endowed students as well. The lines blend because like 2/3s if not more of the people in this school smoke pot or drink, even if they don't let anyone know they do. And if they don't, they'll want to, because that's all there is to do in Durham.
Durham kid: "Hey Did you get your Country Mega ticket yet?"

Middletown kid: "No what the fuck is that"
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Best thing to ever happen to a woods smoker. It is the all natural whole leaf version of the wrap on backwoods before the have been cut up and flavored. Takes a little to get used to rolling, but is way better over all.
Also can be crushed and mixed with weed - grabba style.
"Got a blunt?"
"Nah fuck that chemical fake ass bullshit - I only roll Fronto now."
by Just a regular ordinary guy October 19, 2016
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