Psychotropic medication used to treat depression and the mentally unstable
Damien could not cease dwelling over the torment of his soul and so he developed a deep depression which could be treated with Prozac capsules, his happy pills of choice.
by L Cali January 25, 2006
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1. Ecstasy, MDMA. Happy pills, yo. Aka bombs, thizz, e, xtc, x. The best thing ever created by man kind.

2. Any anti depressant, either MAOI or SSRI.

Don't mix happy pills. Ecstasy and MAOI anti depressants can cause death, and Ecstasy with an SSRI just kills the effects.
Fuck man, I went to this rave and someone hooked me up with the best happy pills. I was hugging couches for 5 fuckin hours.
by Strayphoenix6 March 14, 2008
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A song by weathers. Thats it.
Guy 1: I love the song happy pills!
Guy 2: cool but we were talking about physics...
by Justalonleygay69 March 28, 2021
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ecstasy... a drug that makes your heart rate speed up and you feel all excited and crazy... then you drop dead.
I don't buy happy pills at your average drugstore.
by pyrotechnik May 18, 2005
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Any pill taken that makes one happy.
Dude, whatever makes you happy pills.
by PineappleJuice March 12, 2015
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Someone who makes a certain person happy when they're around or when talking to them.
She's been my happy pill since I met her.

You know, thanks for being my happy pill all these times.
by April 11, 2022
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