Ask your dukes (parents) if I can come over tonight
by Plrmwszzz December 28, 2016
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Dukes is an area in the video game: Grand Theft Auto 4, in which it is resembles The New York area: Queens.
To Get To Algonquin we need to drive through Dukes
by GTA Fan April 11, 2007
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A word started in South Philadelphia which is Gummy bears that have vodka poured all over it and then put in the refrigerator and then taken out and taste just like vodka
Get the dukes out the freezer before they lose all the liquor drains out

I had about 30 dukes last night and was hungover for the whole day

I need to pop a few dukes tonight
by Ace2487 August 19, 2014
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A gender-neutral/gender-queer/transgender parent; a parent who does not feel completely male or female
J doesn't feel comfortable being called "mom" or "dad" because s/he doesn't feel as though s/he fits the mold of any one gender; therefore, hir kids call hir "Dukes".
by Nik June 4, 2004
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Dukes, the Golden Child from the MMORPGs Maisemore and Teut made by Crazed Monkeys!
Have you seen Dukes today? He's got the blingy gold clothes on!
by Ella March 11, 2005
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