any group of thing just lying around
mom: boy is them yo boxers in the floor

son: yes mam

mom: u betta get ya ass in there an pick them shits up
by stacks b May 10, 2008
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Going to make someone do something they won't want to do...
If that fucker don't stop dissin my gal I am gonna feed them a shit sandwich
by jclyow November 3, 2009
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The act of placing a lighter or other flammable device near ones anus. In the hope for an immense fireball when one farts, and instead soils there pants.
Bob: I heard this was "Lighting them Up, Shitting them out" was fun, you should try it!
Matt: What does that mean?
Bob: You will find out soon enough. It's really funny!
Matt: OK then. Let's give it a go.
Bob: Good Luck! (Bob steps back, Matt commences the act)
Bob: How was it?
Matt: I'm going to go take a shower, be back in a few hours... (Matt waddles slowly down the hallway)
by ChodyChodmar November 6, 2011
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