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fucking hilarious show about a bad-ass (hyde) a dumbass (kelso) a laid back couple (donna and eric) a pretty, rich girl (jackie) and a foriegner (fez) who all smoke pot and are fucking hilarious. tommy chong makes the show so much funnier as leo. it was so sad when he was taken off. but the show is still great.
kelso-leo made me a grilled cheese sandwich once. he put extra butter and got the sides all toasty. he forgot cheese though. i'm gonna miss that grilled-cheese-makin son of a bitch!

jackie-one time, i was standing behing leo, and he was on the phone and he was speaking chinese, and i was like 'leo, stop speaking chinese!' but then he turned around, and it wasn't leo, it was a chinese guy. i'll never forget that.
by ella October 25, 2004
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comes from the spanish words "sin semilla" meaning "without seed". it is actually pronounced sin sumeya. simply means weed without seeds
"smoked ciggarettes the day she died.

smoke couple joints of some good sensimillia" -sublime
by ella October 19, 2004
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A person with a lack of ability to talk. using words like innit, nah m8 and geeza
they have changed the good old meaning of RnB or Hip Hop to a crap pop sham, with sluts who cant sing and huuge groups of boys who think its hard to tightly squeeze their crotch (though it doesnt hurt as theres nothing there).

Wearing tracksuits, burburry (fake)
Been smoking since they first heard the word ciggarette.
Girls wearing, incredibly short skirts, not even a skirt, more a belt, gelled back hair, with badly blonde highlights.

They add 'innit' in every possible space of a sentance.

They hate anyone more attractive, intellegent, niceer, better than them.
and therefore owe them a good beating.

Their arch enemy: Anyone with their own opinion. Alternative people
Townie: ah bruv, iz u startin m8, coz i 'as a big bruva dat killed like 10 ppl last wk, n like neva got caught. innit

Someone: I'm sorry, i didnt quite get that, what did you just say?

Townie: u iz a batty

Someone: sorry, what?
by Ella January 28, 2004
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a long islander has the best of both worlds--the greatest city in the world and some nice beaches all within 15-20 miles. the only people that resent long islanders are people who live in shitty areas of the city...people who wish they could afford a park avenue address...people who know they could never afford long island real estate. so basically, deal with it. classy areas of nyc don't want you and neither does long island.
people from east new york or o-zone park hate long islanders because they're jealous that they can't afford manhattan or long island.
by ella January 25, 2005
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A group of individuals that have nothing better to do rather then staying in classrooms at lunch time.
Dang, y'all a walkin "nerd herd."
by Ella December 06, 2003
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another version on whimit but not only for russians..it's also for other different nationalities
DANGER: it gets pretty addictive =)
by Ella May 16, 2004
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someone or something that is dirty, distgusting, ugly, smelly, trampy etc...
eRRR That boy/girl is a MINGER!
Your feet are minging!
That's minging!
by Ella January 20, 2004
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