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The strips of unscathed rubber on the outer edges of a motorcycle tire caused by the rider being too "chicken" to lean the motorcycle all the way to the edge. Used as a measurement of a rider's skill in most cases.
Clearly my riding skills have improved. My chicken strips are almost gone.
by The Outlaw January 25, 2005
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the unscathed part of a tire on a sport bike (motorcycle). when you lean over in a turn, the tires get scuffed up. if you part of your tires are clean, then it means your too much of a chicken to lean over in turns. also see pussy strip
I still have chicken strips becuase my tires are brand new and i havn't ridden much this week.
by chr|s sedition June 01, 2005
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1. The space between a male's asshole and his balls.
2. Also known as the Taint
3. Also known as the Gooch
My chicken strip is raw after running that marathon
by kidlou January 10, 2011
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A overaged boy who goes after girls 4 years younger than him (usually not white). Will hang around hometown for whole life drinking and living with people also 4 years younger than him. Is not loyal and will ruin friendships. Usually drives cars out of the woman's section and will listen to Drake blaring. Watch out for these they will not taste like a chicken strip, more like a cheating bastard.
by jdwbfhs0273 January 30, 2015
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the flaps of skin that hang from a girls vagina.
i was fuckin this skank bitch last night and she started screamin cause i got one of her chicken strips caught up.
by george sandbar February 17, 2004
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