A town in Illinois. there's nothing to do here, so all we do is smoke & drink & go to mcdonalds. A lot of fake ass bitches here that think they run shit. Most people want to get the fuck out of here.
Me: Hey, i live in Algonquin
whoever: what do you do there?
Me: Fucking nothingg!!!!
by brittneyd February 16, 2012
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Public high school of 1,400 students located in Northborough, Massachusetts. Regional between the small Central/Eastern Massachusetts towns of Northborough and Southborough, Mass.

Considered one of the best public high schools in Massachusetts. Great teachers, very successful sports teams (state champs recently in boys soccer, baseball, girls tennis, girls soccer), strong newspaper and drama program. Most kids are stoners/hippies, or just average kids, a few are preppy. Not racially diverse at all, some class diversity, but mainly upper-middle class. Mascot is the Tomahawk, a.k.a. T-Hawk...GET SOME.
Senior parking lot at Algonquin when school gets out for the day:

Senior guy: through cloud of smoke hey man, smoke this blunt with me?
Senior #2: sure dude, just watch out for Mel
Senior #1: sweet. we got lax practice in an hour mmkay
Senior #2: get some.
by the ultimate t-hawk July 6, 2010
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Used to Help identify anything pertaining to the wilderness, forest, or outdoors in a sexual or perverse way.
Mike: Did you guys really do it Algonquin style?
Steve: Yeah man, she totally had never it done it outside before!
Mike: Wow Bro, that awesome being in nature like that and shit!
by ChocolateEmu September 11, 2010
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Algonquin is an area in the video game: Grand Theft Auto 4 which resembles the New York area: Manhattan
To Get to Dukes we need to drive through Algonquin
by GTA Fan April 11, 2007
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Commonly used slang vernacular for the drug Klonopin (clonazepam). Origins: Northeast college corridor. Users have been known to "get tribal" when the drug is crushed and used as an inhaled stimulant. The effect is a high functioning euphoria similar to but not as severe as xanex.
Frank: Dude lets score some algonquin tonight ...
Zach: Trillz I see we are getting tribal then!
by Bronsonian Embassy April 12, 2010
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When you need a pretentious, stand you can't think of the word so you make up your own and say it's Algonquin
Boyfriend and girlfriend singing car and he tries to explain a world community of just anal sex and anal play and how much of a cornhole corn copia it would be called a cornucopia cornhole copia.

Honey I don'tDon't know what cornholcorpia means

Patrick "It's Algonquin for
by Sofakingsaiyan October 7, 2019
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The Act of Taking a Suction Dildo and Suctioning to Males Head and Proceed to Vaginal Intercourse While making the Algonquin Warcry (ALA LA LALALA IIIIEEE)
A: "Wow, Did you hear about Sam?"
B: "No, What?"
A: "He totally stuck the suction dildo to his head and gave her the Algonquin Feather!"
B: "Wow, that is so bad ass!"
by ChocolateEmu August 11, 2010
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