Having an intense conversation with some on facebook;
When you argue with someone on facebook
Last night i was having a really heated face off with Ashley.
by MarvelosityReigns October 27, 2009
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(v.) A hockey metaphor meaning to compete; to face an adverary; to confront.
Ugh! My performance review is today and I have to face off with my boss!
by Tenacious Faulker April 5, 2009
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A term used after taking a hit of ecstasy.
Man I can't wait to roll my face off later tonight.

I am so excited to dance my face off.
by jlwf September 22, 2010
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Girl, I was kicking it last night with my guy and he took my face off.
by sugaface August 4, 2009
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When someone smokes so much weed that they can't feel their face.
I can't smoke anymore, I'm so faces off.
by MrKGB February 13, 2019
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To settle an argument two men stand face to face and feverishly masterbate. The first to ejaculate on the other wins.
Today Rick and Barry really got into it. It ended up in a face off and when the smoke cleared you could really tell by the mess who won, poor Barry he was a real mess.
by Yard dog #5 June 12, 2016
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The act of smoking a whole blunt by yourself.
I was facing off on my long drive to NY yesterday.

When I got home from school and noticed nobody was there, I faced off.
by Sir Burnsalot February 7, 2010
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