A Duet when two voices join to become one. Not a Blanket.
Schuester "What is a Duet?"
Brittnay "A blanket"
by Grundgey October 17, 2010
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When you hear two distinctive sounds during a fart as if the sound was coming from two separate pathways to the outer atmosphere. The hand peace sign in reverse face(inner thumb facing chest) and sideways (fingers pointed horizontally to the side of the body) can be used to represent a "duet". (see "symphony")
This morning while stretching I let out a couple of duets.
by buht October 22, 2019
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When you light a bowl of kush with two lighters at once from two people, similar to a musical duet.
Matt: I wanna light it.
Alex: Nah lemme light it bro.
Matt: Fine, lets compromise and do a duet.
by WeezyOuttaHere March 19, 2019
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i was cold so i put on my duet.
by Ttayw October 18, 2010
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deut is a cross between dude and sweet
ur looking at something cool
by biggy April 10, 2005
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Three hours after we left the restaurant, Skyler and Brandon started a redneck duet. We had to leave them at Brandon's house, it stunk so bad.
by Fragholio March 7, 2014
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A duet in which people sing as they perform a sexual act.
David: Lara sang "Boy with luv" as she made love to Keenan.
Yoongi: Ah, a sexual duet.
by Jimin’s Potato July 7, 2019
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