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A Keenan is a best friend you could ever have. He is a horny devil but you learn to love it about him.
Look at that Keenan hes a horny devil but I love him.
by EyeLoversYou April 12, 2009
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usually describes a person in being "as hot as fire" and "as cool as ice".
The name may also describe someone as being cute/sexy.
The origin of "keenan" comes from Ireland, and literally means "distant warrior"
Most keenan's are fit and well built people.
They are the gift of god and have both an intelligent brain and a sexy body!

this name is commonly mistaken as "kenan (a major douche bag"
by mariah909 February 03, 2009
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Keenan is very sexy, has pretty eyes, and knows how to use what he was blessed with
Damn, I want me some of the Keenan
by sexyladie May 27, 2010
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Keenan is a man with the best looks and the best luck. He always gets the girl he wants and thats just the way it is. You may have a hot lookin' girl but Keenan has a better one or, he is about to steal your girl. The stealing of your girl will be easy due to his amazingly good looks and luck, oh and don't forget talent. Keenan is a soccer players name, so he will kick you in the balls. Keenan can be white or black but who really cares? The name itself is so sexy to the point where girls that are ugly just automatically fall on the ground. This falling on the ground is called passing out which is what Keenan does with his penis. He passes it out for all the beautiful ladies and the ladies indeed accept. And yes, Keenan loves the putang, it is the exact opposite of a gay name. Give Keenan that putang.
Example 1.
Person #1: Who's the new guy?
Person #2: Oh that's Keenan.
Person #1: ...I'm a guy and I have the sudden feeling of gay in me.
Person #2 Happens to everyone man, don't give in though, he will definitely not turn gay.

Example 2.
Girl: Why do I have this sudden urge to shove something in every one of my holes?
*Looks around and sees Keenan*
Other Girl: We all get that feeling... *Passes out*
by kjsoccer19 February 03, 2010
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Someone who is nice and handsome. They are usually pretty happy but when theyre upset, they are really upset. They have alot of friends and hate to have enemies.Usually an irish name, most keenans are usually foreign or african american.
by doctor doomsday December 06, 2009
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An amazing person who is the best friend anyone could ever have. He's sweet, funny, super smart, always uses big words, is really freaking hot, has a rockin' bod, and makes every girl want him.
"Keenan, I want you so bad. You're amazing." -Olivia
"I know, but I love Alexis, not you. Sorry." -Keenan
"Okay, I'll stay out of the way, since she's your GIRLFRIEND and all. And I'm just a friend." -Olivia
by Girlfriend of Keenan. October 17, 2011
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Derives from an African word meaning King. A person of fierce competition and a desire to succeed. Commonly mistaken for the actor Keenan from Keenan and Kel on Nickelodeon.
Keenan like the guy on Keenan and Kel??????
by Original Keenan July 06, 2006
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