If you have someone in your life called Keenan then your blessed! If you don’t then u need to get one ASAP! Keenans are the ones who make you feel special. keenans are the best boyfriends and friends. Keenans are very intelligent❤️
Keenan is amazing😍
by moneyfam123 October 26, 2019
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A Keenan is a best friend you could ever have. He is a horny devil but you learn to love it about him.
Look at that Keenan hes a horny devil but I love him.
by LatinLover123467890 April 13, 2009
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Keenan is a great person who shows compassion. But for some reason, Keenan is never able to get a girlfriend no matter how hard he tries.
Keenan: “I asked a girl out but she said no.”

Guy 1: “Damn that sucks. You tried hard too and had a very good chance.”
by Wrath October 24, 2018
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Keenan is no fuck boy. While he has great triceps and abs like most fuckboys, he's shy and chooses wisely when picking a mate to pin down, also is less tan becuae hes scared to take his shirt off in public. He'll actually most likely not take his shirt off on front of you unless youre the kind of girl he gets hot and bothered for. The manic pixie dream girl. He's very loyal to the extent that you wonder if somethings wrong with him. Like you can say anthing to him and he'll never leave youre side. His child like ganter is nothing short of fairie like and that brings every woman who sees him strutting down the street to their knees that will rest in a puddle. Hes probably maybe 5'7 in height but wide in girth with sexy glamour muscles that make him appear larger. Also an ass that taps. Hes a keeper and if you see one or even hear of a keenan youre blessed by the gods above that chosled this beautiful creature.
Keenan makes me wet
Thats because hes hawt.
by Cactusjacks January 25, 2020
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Keenan is very sexy, has pretty eyes, and knows how to use what he was blessed with
Damn, I want me some of the Keenan
by sexyladie May 27, 2010
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Keenan is a man with the best looks and the best luck. He always gets the girl he wants and thats just the way it is. You may have a hot lookin' girl but Keenan has a better one or, he is about to steal your girl. The stealing of your girl will be easy due to his amazingly good looks and luck, oh and don't forget talent. Keenan is a soccer players name, so he will kick you in the balls. Keenan can be white or black but who really cares? The name itself is so sexy to the point where girls that are ugly just automatically fall on the ground. This falling on the ground is called passing out which is what Keenan does with his penis. He passes it out for all the beautiful ladies and the ladies indeed accept. And yes, Keenan loves the putang, it is the exact opposite of a gay name. Give Keenan that putang.
Example 1.
Person #1: Who's the new guy?
Person #2: Oh that's Keenan.
Person #1: ...I'm a guy and I have the sudden feeling of gay in me.
Person #2 Happens to everyone man, don't give in though, he will definitely not turn gay.

Example 2.
Girl: Why do I have this sudden urge to shove something in every one of my holes?
*Looks around and sees Keenan*
Other Girl: We all get that feeling... *Passes out*
by kjsoccer19 February 3, 2010
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