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British: ref to gay/anal sex without use of lubricants. More commonly used to mean being got the better of in an extreme sense.
Alternatively to mean a desire to have sex with someone you don't actually like.
Paul was totally dry bummed at pool yesterday.
I know you hate her, but I bet you'd dry bum her if you got the chance.
by Greggy March 04, 2005
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when a guy humps a girls butt without him or her having their clothes off. can also be done homo-sexualy.
jeff: "last night i was dry-bumming meleena all night long! it was insane!"
john: "wow but why didn't u guys just take your clothes off?"
jeff: "she didn't wanna have my dick up her ass"
john: "oh. i see.............."
by Germ604 August 19, 2006
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Hammering someone's asshole without the use of lube. Commonly a pleasurebale experience to the hardcore butt fucker but now creeping into the hetro hardcore lingo
I'd dry bum her mate;
by lukeash July 29, 2005
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The insertion of an unlubricated penis into the rectum of a partner
My arse is really sore from all that drybumming.
by diqnpcvoa August 21, 2011
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